Temasek Review 2019

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We can deliver sustainable returns over the long term, only if there is a thriving and productive economy, a just and inclusive society, and a clean and healthy environment.

Investor Institution Steward

China's Push Against Cancer

China is making cutting edge yet affordable drug therapies to fight the world’s second leading cause of death.

From Feed to Food: Future of Agriculture

The agritech revolution could be key to feeding a growing global population in a safe and sustainable way.

Accelerating Startups for Good

Under three months of mentorship, these aspiring startups are closing economic and social gaps for both the young and elderly.

Reducing Food Loss at a Global Scale

Twenty agritech startups look to reduce food loss worldwide.

Making Sustainability Fashionable

Temasek's first-ever upcycling competition challenges youths to turn trash into apparel.

Moved by Tech, Literally

Wearable bionic exoskeletons are helping these patients with physical disabilities get back on their feet.

Offering a Listening Ear

Smartphones fitted with a 24/7 hotline are giving lonely seniors greater connection in more ways than one.